Tourism and Handicap

The Maubuisson campsite offers a privileged welcome for people with disabilities.

From transport to accommodation, including activities and accessibility, everything is done to make the site suitable and allow people with disabilities to enjoy and have a pleasant stay at the Campsite.

You do not have any means of transport from Bordeaux to reach the Campsite, do not worry we can come and pick you up from Bordeaux and the Metropolis (75 € round trip transport – make a request beforehand)

In terms of accommodation with a capacity of 4 people, you have the choice between:

  • 2 adapted mobile homes
  • 2 adapted wooden chalets

Inside you will find: a spacious adult bedroom, a kitchen and a fully adapted bathroom. Easy access to reach your accommodation with parking space nearby. The 2 mobile homes and wooden chalets are also suitable for the visually impaired and hard of hearing.
If you come with your own accommodation (tent, caravan or motorhome) adapted toilets, showers and sinks are at your disposal.

Here is the list of adapted activities offered:

  • A fitness apparatus
  • A swimming pool with a hydraulic lift and a full-foot footbath allowing the passage of a wheelchair
  • 2 accessible tennis courts

Within the Campsite you can move around easily thanks to the development of traffic lanes and bypassed paths in level on steep slopes.

For people with a physical disability:

  • Loan of a wheelchair
  • Loan of a tiralo to enjoy the joys of swimming at Lake level

L’Escale Orientale, the restaurant located at the entrance of the campsite, thanks to its easy access, you can taste its Moroccan specialties or here.

Our reception desk is also adapted and our staff aware.

Thanks to all its actions carried out for some time, Camping de Maubuisson has been awarded the Tourism and Handicap label for 4 handicaps.

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